Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Zack Smith @ our 8/29 Carrollton Station show

Zack Smith, photographer extraordinaire and drummer for beloved New Orleans indie rock staple Rotary Downs released the following statement in regards to the role he will be playing in our show this upcoming Saturday:

I will be setting up a very unique portrait project this Saturday, August 29th - on the 4 year Anniversary of Katrina.

I have customized an old sign to become a portrait light box and will be photographing individual faces at a show in New Orleans. This is not just any show, this collection of fairly new New Orleans rock ensembles exemplifies the new influx of experimental and unique rock bands Post-K. I think this fresh scene is just at
it's beginning, and I will be there to shoot the faces of this renaissance.

Big Rock Candy Mountain
w/ Smiley With a Knife
w/ Caddywhompus

Zack Smith

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