Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This week in shows...

Coming off of an epic Saints victory last night, I'm sure you're all hungover (in the best way possible) and ready to take a breather tonight. Don't sink too deeply into the couch, though, 'cause we've got a huge week ahead of us.

Let's look at this backwards from Sunday.

Sunday, December 6th, we're playing at the Contemporary Arts Center for the 50 people 1 question event. If you haven't seen any of our promo for this, scroll down and take a gander at 60 seconds episode #37. We'll be playing a score that we wrote to an 8-or-so minute short film that digs into a simple yet complex question: If you could have anything by the end of the day, what would you wish to happen?

Also performing will be our good friends A Living Soundtrack and the Craft brothers performing a score by Chaz Knapp.

On Saturday, December 5th, our compadres in Antenna Inn will play their final show at One Eyed Jack's. Sad, yes. But I think cramped stages and stressed sound men across the city of New Orleans will all crack open a beer and enjoy the savory flavors of a job well done after this one.

The night before on Friday, a good many of those handsome Antenna Inn fellas will be backing a certain Mr. John Michael Rouchell. I hear his name is John Michael. As in... Michael isn't his middle name. That boy's got TWO FIRST NAMES! Neal Patrick Harris, you watch yourself, 'cause there's a new game in town!

So then there's Thursday. What could possibly happen on a Thursday worth getting excited about? Unwed Sailor. Our heroes. At the Allways Lounge. A pretty awesome dig. We'll see you there, I promise you. That means you have to go too.

Then there's Wednesday. This one is a toughie.
There's an all-instrumental show at Cafe Prytania. Our brothers, our partners in crime, those rascally kids in Rabbit are playing at Cafe Prytania. The AcropoLions and Charlie McGinnis' lit-on-fire saxophone in Autotomii are both playing as well.
BUT our boys in Caddywhompus are opening up for CURSIVE at One Eyed Jack's.

Jesus... what to do here.

Hmm... we're going to practice hard and party hard this week. If we don't see you out at one of these shows, we'll see you on Sunday at the CAC. Behave yourselves.

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