Monday, March 1, 2010

Re-cap // Static-Foburg

Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls.
We've had a wild ride the past few days. Who came out to see us?

Jeez! Those We the Granada kids KILLLED it. With 3 L's. We don't need to fix that typo.

Let's take you along the journey for a second:

First, we played in Austin with those guys and got a taste of what they were all about:

That video had a bit of a, uh, "production error" in it.
Taking the fall for a "production error" is only fun when you're in Smiley with a Knife - ha! Here's our remedy to gear up for the Lafayette/NOLA weekend:

So, of course, we have one last rallying cry:

And then the weekend was upon us for some epic montage-worthy performances:

Not included in that montage is the whole lot of us - Wildfires, We the Granada, and Smiley with a Knife - plus a myriad of our Lafayette and New Orleans friends getting supremely wasted at the SWAK house until 7am when all of our work was complete. I went to bed early because I'm an old-man-nancy; however, I simply cannot wait for SXSW to roll around so that we can all put even bigger dents in the universe.

So hey, look. This weekend has been great with a capital 8.
Savor those moments until we get to hang out again.
Until we do get to hang out again, we're going to go into the studio to wrap up some songs for you guys and rehearse for Foburg Fest. We're on the Static TV showcase at Maison on Foburg's Saturday night. That's not this upcoming weekend but the next. Get ready, Freddy, 'cause we're comin' to getcha.

As always, tune into our youtube channel for more every-other-daily video blogging.

Stay fresh.
- Jared / drums


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