Friday, March 19, 2010

SXSW day 1

Our first of 3 days here at SXSW was pretty awesome.

We played at PLUSH right before Good Old War and Native (both on Sargent House).
After pulling in a decent crowd, we played the latter half of our set with the kids from Native peeping over our shoulders.
Cathy from Sargent House was very complimentary. Warm, fuzzy feelings.

We got a very strange business card after our set from a guy who only had this to say:
"Send an email to this lady on the card that says that I said you're awesome."
What's that supposed to mean?

We also had random Austin kids (strangers) that recognized us while we were walking down the street. Sorry, we just had to share/brag about that. Sounds silly, but it's a good kind of weird feeling to be recognized in an endless sea of strangers by someone who likes the band and the videos.

Anyway - approachable as always, we'll be playing a house show tomorrow night for our second day at SXSW. It's at the Abstract House at 1608 New York ave
We play at 10p.
Come talk to us.

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