Saturday, August 29, 2009

60 seconds w/ SWAK every other day #5

Episode #5 - cleaning before a show

Thursday, August 27, 2009

60 seconds w/ SWAK every other day #4

Episode #4 - Reading Rain-go-to-this-show

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Zack Smith @ our 8/29 Carrollton Station show

Zack Smith, photographer extraordinaire and drummer for beloved New Orleans indie rock staple Rotary Downs released the following statement in regards to the role he will be playing in our show this upcoming Saturday:

I will be setting up a very unique portrait project this Saturday, August 29th - on the 4 year Anniversary of Katrina.

I have customized an old sign to become a portrait light box and will be photographing individual faces at a show in New Orleans. This is not just any show, this collection of fairly new New Orleans rock ensembles exemplifies the new influx of experimental and unique rock bands Post-K. I think this fresh scene is just at
it's beginning, and I will be there to shoot the faces of this renaissance.

Big Rock Candy Mountain
w/ Smiley With a Knife
w/ Caddywhompus

Zack Smith

60 seconds w/ SWAK every other day #3

Episode #3 - Pedal Bored

Sunday, August 23, 2009

60 Seconds w/ SWAK every other day #2

Episode #2 ---- Short People & Lesbians

60 Seconds w/ SWAK every other day #1

Episode #1 ---- The Pilot Episode

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Operation Kegger: Results

The results are in!
Our Operation Kegger video contest was an absolute success.

In the end, it came down to two videos.
For the win, we have Kelle Ory and Andrew Landry's lego-themed video for "The Executioner Says" with a total of 3187 views at the time that we checked.

Take a moment to view their winning video here:

Kelle and Andrew are now entitled to the following:
- They get a party with Smiley with a Knife and 50 of their friends
- They get a credit on our next album for helping us record extra sounds (like claps, screams, etc.)
- They get guest list passes to all of our shows through the end of 2010
- They get some free merch
- We're going to be doing a little interview with them to stick up on the blog
- We're handing their video over to Static TV

Congratulations to the two of them. We want to thank them for all of the hard work that they put into their submission. It looks awesome!

Our runner up is Sarah Devlin, whose video features cut-outs of the four of us playing "As the Blade Drops," culminating with our decapitations. Her video had 770 views when we checked for the count.

Take a moment to view her video here:

Sarah put forth a valiant effort, and we cannot thank her enough. Her video is awesome! As a token of our appreciation, we're inviting her and a guest to the party, loading her up with merch, and giving her video to Static TV to show if they feel so inclined.

Now that Operation Kegger is done with and we've declared our winner(s), we'll be coming out of hiding with four new songs for you guys.
They are named as follows:
- Nine Out of Ten Butchers Think That's Sexy (or Sexy Butcher)
- Randy Newman Says "Quack"
- Either Oranges or Ether
- Cosmonauts are not so Cosby Nazi

Keep and ear out for these songs at our fall shows. There is plenty of room in each for the occasional "whoo," clap, or scream. They are also all very easy to hum or whistle along to. Dig it.