Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One week from today!

This Tera Melos show at the Big Top is a week away.
How are your car pools coming together?

If you need help, let us know.

And hey, you, New Orleans kids!
You should still carpool to the show even if you're from here and you own a car. It's not as bad for the environment and it'll save you some gas money. It's a good habit to have no matter what the occasion.

Also, New Orleans kids - these people who are coming in from out of town might need places to stay. Please contact us - - to let us know if you've got a couch or an extra bed that a few people can crash on.

And now a few reminders of what exactly it is that we're dealing with here. Tera Melos videos:

Frozen Zoo (Official):;

Skin Surf (Official):;

Live from Tokyo:;

Tour Promo (Last Smile for Jaron):;

And if you've got 13 minutes to spare and you don't mind watching some of the WEIRDEST antics you've ever seen, look up their "Misadventures" interview. Warning: it's pretty gross at some points.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Carpool to Tera Melos, Grab our Record, and play Call of Duty

You guys gettin' pumped up? We're opening for Tera Melos soon!
Make the trek! The journey! The voyage! Whatever the f*#k you want to call it!

Here's the deal, holmes:
Are you from Lafayette, LA? Baton Rouge, LA? Anywhere south of the halfway-north point in Mississippi? The North Shore? Meh, f*#k it, are you from Canada and want an excuse to come to New Orleans?
Wherever you're from, find a friend or 4 and come in to NOLA to see Japan's favorite American experimental noise-pop synth-laden prog rock miracle Tera Melos.

We're opening for them at the Big Top at 1638 Clio St.

If you're having trouble finding a ride, email us!
If you have a car and you're thinking to yourself, "shit, man. I'd love to make that drive but I gotta think about gas money and I won't really know anybody there if I drive by myself," then you know what you should do? EMAIL US!

If you send us an email stating where you're from and whether you need a ride or need a passenger, we'll help get you guys set up to trade information.

Need a place to crash?
From New Orleans and got a place for somebody to crash?
Same story - email us!

Here's the legal fine print on this whole deal:
doors at the show open at 7p
show starts at 8p SHARP. Cover is $7.
we're setting this carpool thing up as an exchange of information - we're not to be held liable for irresponsible, negligent, or rash behavior or any incidents that may happen. this is why we ask that if you would like us to set you up with a ride or a passenger to do so as soon as possible so that you can make sure the other people in the car with you aren't "Tom Arnold"-like.

Okay, moving on...

Do you have our new record yet?
Yes?! That's awesome. Tell us how you like it.
No? You don't have our new record yet? Well, let's fix that.
Here's the scoop: it's available on iTunes, Amazon, and BandCamp.
Those are all places where you can pay for it. Paying for it would be awesome, and we'd like you to do that. But ya know what? We know that's not how the world really works these days.

If you email us - - and you tell us, straight up, "look here, you schmucks. i like your band, and i want your new record so i can listening to it in my car and on my ipod and on my iphone and shit but I DON'T WANNA PAY YOU A-HOLES FOR IT!" then guess what... We won't blame you. Asking people to pay for music is like asking people to pay for those last three kittens in the litter that you couldn't get rid of right away. Music and kittens are both easily accessible, not entirely necessary, overly abundant, and free to a good home where appreciated and paid attention to. Just email us, tell us you want the record and tell us where you're from, and we'll hook you up with it - provided you don't mind us emailing you again later when we've got a show in your area.

Of course, you could just copy/steal it from a friend. We know this. We encourage this.
But please please please don't be afraid of asking us for it. We already know that if you want it, you're going to get it somehow. All we ask, then, is that you put in the extra effort to get it straight from us so we can keep track of how many downloads we have, we know where you're all from, and we can get in touch with you if we wind up in your neighborhood. Also, if you get it straight from us, we can make sure that you get everything with the proper titles and artwork and such.

And now on to our final subject matter: Video Games

This isn't really all that super important. But hey, we know you guys, and we know you a-holes like to play video games. Let's get real. You listen to us, you get hyped up on coffee or chilled out on a 40 of OE, you have a roommate or two that you fight over the dishes with, you have a dog, and you play either Halo or Call of Duty.

Am I right? Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm right. Know how I know I'm right?
We saw you the other night outside of Game Stop while we were all waiting in line for Halo:Reach. We heard you talking about how long the line at Toys R Us was and how you had a buddy with a hookup over at Game Stop, anyway, so you drove over 15 minutes before they opened the doors and just cut the line. We know what's up, man. It's cool. You don't have to make any excuses with us. We're all on the same page.

So here's the deal, now: Volpi reads philosophy books, Jared reads drum blogs and practices by himself, and the two of them watch the Daily Show a lot. They're losers.
Pat and Justin, though, they're cool like the rest of you guys.
Hit Pat up on Call of Duty: Throwback504
Here's Justin on Call of Duty: Pennyman504

Shoot us, yell at us. Whatever it takes.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Long Now is out now! Go get it!


After much hard work and deliberation, our second record is now available for your listening pleasure.
You can download it at or buy physical copies at
Listen to the full record before you buy at bandcamp, soundcloud, or myspace.

Here's why you should buy it and why we don't mind if you steal it or share it:
This record is a true summation of our personalities and a testament to our perseverance as a band.
Long Now is the result of nearly 2 years' hard work: countless hours writing and rehearsing, 100+ youtube videos, a week of recording bed tracks, a month (compiled) of overdubs and mixing, and countless miles and hours driving and gigging.
We've put a lot of hard work into this record. We want you to have it, we want you to enjoy it, and we want you to share it.

The making of this record submerged us into the family of the Music Shed recording studio more and more by the minute with every engineer on staff having touched, shaped, and molded some aspect of the record in some way. Most crucial to the project was Billy Moesta who adopted this record as his own and pushed it to the next level every step of the way.

Throughout the process of making this record, we did an extensive amount of traveling and even moved into the same house together - bringing us closer to the new friends that we've met on the road and sometimes to the brink of killing each other in brotherly ways. The result is a cohesive collection, a family of songs that we hope you'll find speaks for itself and gives you a great deal of insight into our lives and minds. Where our previous record How a Reign Comes to an End was the product of four individuals finding their foothold as a band, Long Now is a family of songs molded by a family of people with a unified vision and sound. Hear each of our personalities poke through: the sly slides of Pat's tap-and-go guitar technique, the boisterous and pronounced operatic belting that sings from Justin's guitar, the whimsical yet iron-forged and anchored basslines that Volpi glues together with Jared's dynamic and seemingly melodic drumming style (somebody else wrote that about me, I swear).

Let this recording serve as a welcome to our family and as a reminder that sometimes the most profound things can be communicated without words - pride and joy, love and anger. And if you've befriended us at gigs, in person, and through our online videos along the way,let us remind you through this recording that even the least profound things in life are also communicated without any words - the cracking open of a beer, a belch, a fart, and the laughter that results. Please do yourselves a favor - buy this record (or steal it from someone who did buy it) and let it serve as the soundtrack to both the profound moments and the not-so-profound moments.

Long Now will be up on iTunes, Amazon, and Rhapsody soon so you'll be able to buy it there as well. Keep and eye out for that. If you seriously can't afford to purchase this record or you're on the fence for some reason, send us an email at and let us know. We'll send you a copy of it, artwork included. We really want you to have it, and we really want you to share it.

Jared, Drummer
-- Smiley with a Knife
NOLA Instrumental Indie Rock

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Long Now promo video

Our loveably hated little dog Smokey has a run in with a Dole Banana in this first of a handful of promotional videos for our new record coming out next month Long Now.

Deal with it. Er, we mean... pass it along.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Long Now

Smiley with a Knife is bracing for the release of their second album, Long Now, due out August 17, 2010. Long Now may not be a bubblegum chew of a listen, but perhaps you’ll tap your toes, clap your hands, bob and sometimes bang your head, dance with your broom, or your lover if you’re so fortunate, or simply lay on your bed and say “Ahhh…”

What Long Now has in store for fans and newcomers is smoky steam ceilings, sucker punches, wild bull rides, cyclonic summersets, and moments for breath catching, screams, and whispers. Forget the monochromatic gray blob that casual listeners hear pushed from post-rock's loins. Toss the calculator required to decode the algebraic hieroglyphics of prog-rock's textbooks. Don’t look for the conventional Explosions in the Sky or Don Caballero -isms here. Smiley is not about twisting listeners’ ears into Eagle Scout caliber knots only to serve you more of the same. There is something for everybody in Smiley with a Knife's Long Now - even for those who may not fancy themselves contemporary instrumental rock enthusiasts.

Since their first release in 2008, How A Reign Comes To An End, New Orleans’ instrumental rockers Smiley With A Knife have diligently defined the teeth of their knife blade – their sound.  Smiley’s Reign combined the hook-soaked cascades of Justin Vicknair’s sonorous guitar, the serpentine electricity of Patrick Bailey’s tap-guitar, the bubbly loping of Michael Volpi’s bass glides, and the sly, classy hits and shimmers of Jared Marcell’s drumming. Throughout the album’s ten tracks, they balanced the light with the dark, the limpid with the muddy and the airy with the stormy. The pieces were there; noise was hammered into a characteristic sound quality.

With progress comes the process of refining, sharpening, and cutting away. Serrations can dull after many cuts, slices and chops: the once pronounced grooves can wear down to blunted teeth.  A knife bites most strongly when it has been meticulously preened.  With a sleek body and fine point – serrations carefully sharpened – a knife has the potential to gnash through bone.

Long Now is the trumpeting of an emerging voice honoring the influence of other like-genre bands while asserting the resolute musical self-realization of four individuals who are carving a meal at the family table.  Smiley with a Knife clearly displays a knack for whimsical charm and a penchant for winsome playfulness.  But lurking underneath the lightness and the effervescence is a striking seriousness. No; the serrated teeth have not weathered.  The Knife has been remolded at the smithy. Whereas Reign was a collection of confidently composed songs, Long Now is a family.  Smiley’s new eight song recording represents an assiduous progression from four eager experimentalists to four more mature, musical minded players.  Simply put, Smiley with a Knife’s Long Now has one primary intention: listener, we want your sisterhood, your brotherhood; come with us; welcome to our family.  

Smiley with a Knife's Long Now will be available for download from iTunes and BandCamp on August 17th.
To contact Smiley With a Knife email Patrick at

Artist: Smiley With a Knife
Album: Long Now

Label: Self-Released

Release Date: August 17, 2010

1.Long Now
2.Egyptian Porridge
3.Either Oranges or Ether
4.Avoid The Noid
5.Randy Newman Says Quack
6.Cosmonauts Are Not So Cosby Nazi
7.Sexy Butcher

Recorded at The Music Shed New Orleans
Produced by Chris Finney, William Moesta & Smiley With a Knife

Summer Tour Dates

7.23 New Orleans, LA @ Dragon's Den ^
7.24 Mobile, AL @ The Blind Mule
7.25 Nashville, TN @ Little Hamilton Collective
7.26 St. Louis, MO @ Mangia Italiano
7.27 Chicago, IL @ Ronny's
7.28 Madison, WI @ The Frequency
7.30 Huntington, WV @ V Club **
7.31 Brooklyn, NY @ Party Expo

8.1 Brooklyn, NY @ The Knitting Factory
8.4 Athens, GA @ Caledonia Lounge
8.5 Atlanta, GA @ WonderRoot
8.6 Birmingham, AL @ The Firehouse
8.7 Gulfport, MS @ The Salty Dog
8.13 Shreveport, LA @ The Warehouse
8.17 Hattiesburg, MS @ 1126 House #
8.18 Baton Rouge, LA @ HTGT Thrift #
8.20 Lafayette, LA @ Sadies **
8.21 New Orleans, LA @ The Den (Howlin Wolf) **

^ = with The Other Planets
# = with Native & Former Thieves
** = with Six Gallery

Smiley With a Knife – Record Release Show
Saturday August 21, 2010
Live In The Den @ The Howlin Wolf
w/ special guests
Man At Home, Six Gallery & Twin Killers
9pm $6

For more info visit:


Monday, May 17, 2010

Shirts by Credible

SWAK heads,

Our good friend Credible design the following shirts for us:

So if you head on over to you can make a purchase on those beautiful shirts and get a mix tape from pat-rick.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Touring this Summer

Hey SWAK Heads,

Its been a quiet month of April for us. We are getting ready to be busy again. Next week we are putting the final touches on our record and then it will be mixed and mastered throughout the rest of spring. Expect to hear music shortly, but until then we are currently planning a summer tour. We actually get a chance to travel for more than a few days and are very excited for a chance to play for new people. Below are the list of days and what area of the states we'll be in. If anyone out there can help set something up, recommend a band or venue or anything, that would be awesome and tons of good karma will come your way. We have a few shows confirmed and some in the works, but still contact us if you can help.
Just hit us on myspace or email us at
we are also on twitter @smileywithaknif and facebook.



Fri. July 23rd - New Orleans

Sat. July 24 - Mobile, AL

Sun. July 25 - Memphis/Nashville, TN

Mon. July 26 - St. Louis, MO

Tues. July 27 - Chicago, IL

Wed. July 28 - Kalamazoo, MI

Thurs. July 29 - Ohio

Fri. July 30 - Pittsburgh

Sat. July 31 - Philadelphia

Sun. Aug 1 - Baltimore

Mon. Aug 2 - DC/VA/DE/WV

Tues. Aug 3 - North Carolina

Wed. Aug 4 - Athens, GA

Thurs. Aug 5 - Atlanta

Fri. Aug 6 - Birmingham, AL

Sat. Aug 7 - Hattiesburg, MS

p.s. we ordered some new shirts and they will be available at shows or our new webstore
check the new design by Credible

60 Sec Videos are still coming at

and we recommend checking out Circa Survive and The Redneck Manifesto's new records. They are awesome.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's coming. Let's gear up.

Episode 100 is coming up soon. Help us to make this thing super duper special.
We'll be on the lookout for your ideas, photos, comments, etc.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Saturday Headlines

We're headlining Saturday over at the Dragon's Den.
This means we'll be playing a lot of stuff, kids. Lots.

So come heckle us, come yell at us, and uh... just come. as you are.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

60 seconds: Evolution of a Cannon

Hmm... looks like we made quick work out of bouncing back from our little mini-depression the other night. Here's what we're working with now:

Sunday, March 28, 2010

60 secs: humilty

We really should be more diligent about posting all of these instead of just an assorted selection; however, this latest episode is all about being real.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tonight's Set: Cancelled

Due to personal matters beyond our collective control, we are unable to play our set at Cafe Prytania tonight. We are disappointed, as we expect that all of you who were planning to see us and support us tonight are. Please know that we take our performances very seriously and love every moment on stage together as a band and every chance that we get to connect with you, our audience. We would never cancel a performance without exhausting all options; however, we ultimately have no choice but to cancel given the nature of today's circumstances.

We ask that you respect the personal privacy of the members of our band. We will not be answering any questions or responding to any comments regarding the causes of this cancellation on any of the internet platforms or social mediums that we actively participate in at this moment.

This is merely was a hiccup in the SWAK universe, but we want you to know that THE SHOW IS STILL ON tonight. We encourage anyone who was planning to attend to follow through with your plans. Your presence at tonight's show is still very much welcomed and needed. The members of SWAK who will be able to attend tonight's event will still be in the ranks of the audience. Our friends in Female Demand are coming a long way from Houston to play tonight, and the Acropolions are putting forth their best effort to support the local instrumental/experimental indie rock scene just as SWAK does every single day.

Tonight's show is at Café Prytania (3445 Prytania St.) at 10pm.

To any disappointed folks who wanted to see our set tonight, again we apologize. We will make it up to you April 10th @ The Dragons Den, and we promise an incredible performance.

We hope to see you tonight.

Friday, March 19, 2010

SXSW day 1

Our first of 3 days here at SXSW was pretty awesome.

We played at PLUSH right before Good Old War and Native (both on Sargent House).
After pulling in a decent crowd, we played the latter half of our set with the kids from Native peeping over our shoulders.
Cathy from Sargent House was very complimentary. Warm, fuzzy feelings.

We got a very strange business card after our set from a guy who only had this to say:
"Send an email to this lady on the card that says that I said you're awesome."
What's that supposed to mean?

We also had random Austin kids (strangers) that recognized us while we were walking down the street. Sorry, we just had to share/brag about that. Sounds silly, but it's a good kind of weird feeling to be recognized in an endless sea of strangers by someone who likes the band and the videos.

Anyway - approachable as always, we'll be playing a house show tomorrow night for our second day at SXSW. It's at the Abstract House at 1608 New York ave
We play at 10p.
Come talk to us.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Caspian is here...

Head on down to the Dragon's Den tonight. We're doing this thing:

Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Justin

We've created a beast.

Our stage right guitarist Justin Vicknair turned 25 yesterday, and so we dedicated episode #80 to him. Here is is:

Also, remember: We're playing Foburg Fest on Saturday.
Upstairs at Maison for the Static Showcase.
You can come give Justin some birthday wishes and a hi-five while you're there.

Speaking of all of that craziness, Wesley over at Static TV gave us some mad props on his blog today:

That man called us the hardest working band in New Orleans (that he knows of).

Thursday, March 4, 2010


We've got a lot of craziness coming up, but we want to focus on these blog posts as much as we can whenever we can.

Let's talk about something really important...

We've got a HUGE show with a group of post-rock instrumental gladiators that go by the name Caspian. If you like Explosions in the Sky, these guys will make you reconsider that thought. Caspian makes Explosions in the Sky look lifeless and sub-par on the "epic" scale, as clearly seen in this video below. This trailer WILL make the hair stand up on the back of your neck:

The Caspian show will be March 16th at the Dragon's Den.

Uh... do't. Do't big. Do't to't.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Re-cap // Static-Foburg

Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls.
We've had a wild ride the past few days. Who came out to see us?

Jeez! Those We the Granada kids KILLLED it. With 3 L's. We don't need to fix that typo.

Let's take you along the journey for a second:

First, we played in Austin with those guys and got a taste of what they were all about:

That video had a bit of a, uh, "production error" in it.
Taking the fall for a "production error" is only fun when you're in Smiley with a Knife - ha! Here's our remedy to gear up for the Lafayette/NOLA weekend:

So, of course, we have one last rallying cry:

And then the weekend was upon us for some epic montage-worthy performances:

Not included in that montage is the whole lot of us - Wildfires, We the Granada, and Smiley with a Knife - plus a myriad of our Lafayette and New Orleans friends getting supremely wasted at the SWAK house until 7am when all of our work was complete. I went to bed early because I'm an old-man-nancy; however, I simply cannot wait for SXSW to roll around so that we can all put even bigger dents in the universe.

So hey, look. This weekend has been great with a capital 8.
Savor those moments until we get to hang out again.
Until we do get to hang out again, we're going to go into the studio to wrap up some songs for you guys and rehearse for Foburg Fest. We're on the Static TV showcase at Maison on Foburg's Saturday night. That's not this upcoming weekend but the next. Get ready, Freddy, 'cause we're comin' to getcha.

As always, tune into our youtube channel for more every-other-daily video blogging.

Stay fresh.
- Jared / drums

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

60 secs w/ SWAK

This latest episode of 60 seconds came from suggestions that we got from Twitter. The "octopus" thing that Pat is holding comes from our friend and fan Adam Cheramie. These are the kind of things that make us continue to produce content, because when you guys get involved interesting things start to happen whether we're exhausted or not. Er... especially when we're not exhausted.

So here's the deal:
Search for SWAK on Facebook and for Smileywithaknif on Twitter.
Start suggesting ideas for these episodes, and if we can fit them in or find a way to use them, not only will we use them but we'll give you credit for it too.
And if you give us strange objects that we think are totally cool, they'll probably also make their way into an episode or two. Who knows...

Oh, and one last thing if you guys want to be super sweethearts and get REALLY involved -
Below is a piece of html code split into two halves.
If you copy the two halves and paste them back to back wherever you'd like (you know... your own blog, that myspace page you've got but you never check anymore, or that high-traffic message board that all the d-bags in your local scene frequent to talk trash about crappy bands right before a big Friday night all-ages show at the VFW Hall in the middle of the worst neighborhood in town) we would greatly appreciate it.

Here's what the code does:
Every time we upload a new episode of 60 seconds to YouTube, an embedded player will update itself with the new episode and will stick the other episodes in sequential order behind it. So if you want to provide someone with a direct link to all of our 60 seconds from newest to oldest, you have a quick and easy way to do so now!

Anyway, here's the code:
object height="337" width="416"
param name="movie" value=""
embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" height="337" width="416"

Remember to stick a "<" at the beginning of the code and a ">" at the end. Everywhere that we have pressed Enter to start a new line, replace with "><" and enjoy your new channel player.

Okay, as today's episode says very clearly, we are exhausted. So I'm going to sleep now. We've got practice tomorrow, and I don't want to fall asleep on my snare.

- Jared

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

60 secs w/ SWAK

Episode #68 - Chicken Dance

If you don't care about Smiley with a Knife yet, this may change your mind: we own a Burger King costume, we dance with chickens during rush hour traffic, and we're partying on Lundi Gras.

Monday, February 8, 2010

CADDYSWAK / Smiley With a Whompus and other things

What up peoples? Pat here -

So SWAK just got back from another awesome weekend of shows. We played the past 3 weekends with our brothers Caddywhompus around Louisiana and Alabama and a stop in Houston (minus Caddy). Below are some pictures and videos I took of the bands we played with as well as some sweet times when the camera just happened to come out.

Friday January 22nd 2010 - Baton Rouge, LA @ The Spanish Moon

Smiley With A Knife

Baby Boy


Saturday January 23rd - New Orleans, LA @ One Eyed Jacks




Friday January 29th 2010 Lafayette, LA @ Artmosphere

Honey Pillow




This dude is Tyler he takes pics for a Lafayette music blog called Derailing The Bandwagon which has some more pictures of this show.

Saturday January 30th 2010 - Houston, TX @ Mango's

Female Demand

Big Rock Candy Mountain

Friday February 5th 2010 - Mobile, AL @ Alabama Music Box

Secret Cities



Saturday February 6th - Birmingham, AL @ Magic City Wholesale



Shapes Like Dinosaurs

So yeah, all in all it was an awesome time. The shows were great, the venues were awesome and the bands we played with were the shit.

On to other things....

So you may know we are working on a record right now. We hope to release it this spring. Below is some footage from the studio where we write, practice and record (The Music Shed).

More on that soon....

So we have a bunch of shows coming up including free ones all of February. We are really excited to be a part of Foburg music festival this march in New Orleans as well as our SXSW trip this year. In between those gigs we have a special one that means a lot to us. We are opening for Caspian & Arms and Sleepers when they stop in New Orleans Tuesday March 16th @ The Dragon's Den. This is the poster below (compliments of Credible).

I am huge fans of these two bands. They put out 2 of my favorite records of last year.

With that in mind
Here is our spring show schedule.


Tues. 2/9/10 - @ Circle Bar w/ I Octopus (after SAINTS parade Free)
Mon. 2/15/10 - Lundi Gras @ The Maison w/ Groovesect, Bionica, White Colla Crimes & Autotomii (Free)
Sat. 2/20/10 - @ Encore (Austin, TX) w/ We The Granada & Paper Shapes
Fri. 2/26/10 - @ Sadies (Lafayette, LA) w/ We The Granada & Wildfires
Sat. 2/27/10 - @ Banks St. Bar w/ We The Granada, Wildfires & Autotomii (Free)


Sat. 3/13/10 - Foburg Fest
Tues. 3/16/10 - Dragons Den w/ CASPIAN & ARMS AND SLEEPERS ($5)
Thurs. 3/18/10 - SXSW @ Plush (Austin, TX)
Fri. 3/19/10 - SXSW @ The Abstract House (Austin, TX)
Sat. 3/20/10 - SXSW @ 21st Co Op (Austin, TX)
Fri. 3/26/10 - @ Cafe Prytania w/ Female Demand & The Acropolions


Sat. 4/10/10 - @ Dragons Den w/ A Living Soundtrack, Shapes Like Dinosaurs & Rabbit

All the 60 seconds videos from these shows are posted below.

If your looking for some free music i have a few bedroom records I made available for free @ and there are some great free records of old New Orleans bands available at The Memory Farm.

Thanks for checking everything out.