Wednesday, February 17, 2010

60 secs w/ SWAK

This latest episode of 60 seconds came from suggestions that we got from Twitter. The "octopus" thing that Pat is holding comes from our friend and fan Adam Cheramie. These are the kind of things that make us continue to produce content, because when you guys get involved interesting things start to happen whether we're exhausted or not. Er... especially when we're not exhausted.

So here's the deal:
Search for SWAK on Facebook and for Smileywithaknif on Twitter.
Start suggesting ideas for these episodes, and if we can fit them in or find a way to use them, not only will we use them but we'll give you credit for it too.
And if you give us strange objects that we think are totally cool, they'll probably also make their way into an episode or two. Who knows...

Oh, and one last thing if you guys want to be super sweethearts and get REALLY involved -
Below is a piece of html code split into two halves.
If you copy the two halves and paste them back to back wherever you'd like (you know... your own blog, that myspace page you've got but you never check anymore, or that high-traffic message board that all the d-bags in your local scene frequent to talk trash about crappy bands right before a big Friday night all-ages show at the VFW Hall in the middle of the worst neighborhood in town) we would greatly appreciate it.

Here's what the code does:
Every time we upload a new episode of 60 seconds to YouTube, an embedded player will update itself with the new episode and will stick the other episodes in sequential order behind it. So if you want to provide someone with a direct link to all of our 60 seconds from newest to oldest, you have a quick and easy way to do so now!

Anyway, here's the code:
object height="337" width="416"
param name="movie" value=""
embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" height="337" width="416"

Remember to stick a "<" at the beginning of the code and a ">" at the end. Everywhere that we have pressed Enter to start a new line, replace with "><" and enjoy your new channel player.

Okay, as today's episode says very clearly, we are exhausted. So I'm going to sleep now. We've got practice tomorrow, and I don't want to fall asleep on my snare.

- Jared

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

60 secs w/ SWAK

Episode #68 - Chicken Dance

If you don't care about Smiley with a Knife yet, this may change your mind: we own a Burger King costume, we dance with chickens during rush hour traffic, and we're partying on Lundi Gras.

Monday, February 8, 2010

CADDYSWAK / Smiley With a Whompus and other things

What up peoples? Pat here -

So SWAK just got back from another awesome weekend of shows. We played the past 3 weekends with our brothers Caddywhompus around Louisiana and Alabama and a stop in Houston (minus Caddy). Below are some pictures and videos I took of the bands we played with as well as some sweet times when the camera just happened to come out.

Friday January 22nd 2010 - Baton Rouge, LA @ The Spanish Moon

Smiley With A Knife

Baby Boy


Saturday January 23rd - New Orleans, LA @ One Eyed Jacks




Friday January 29th 2010 Lafayette, LA @ Artmosphere

Honey Pillow




This dude is Tyler he takes pics for a Lafayette music blog called Derailing The Bandwagon which has some more pictures of this show.

Saturday January 30th 2010 - Houston, TX @ Mango's

Female Demand

Big Rock Candy Mountain

Friday February 5th 2010 - Mobile, AL @ Alabama Music Box

Secret Cities



Saturday February 6th - Birmingham, AL @ Magic City Wholesale



Shapes Like Dinosaurs

So yeah, all in all it was an awesome time. The shows were great, the venues were awesome and the bands we played with were the shit.

On to other things....

So you may know we are working on a record right now. We hope to release it this spring. Below is some footage from the studio where we write, practice and record (The Music Shed).

More on that soon....

So we have a bunch of shows coming up including free ones all of February. We are really excited to be a part of Foburg music festival this march in New Orleans as well as our SXSW trip this year. In between those gigs we have a special one that means a lot to us. We are opening for Caspian & Arms and Sleepers when they stop in New Orleans Tuesday March 16th @ The Dragon's Den. This is the poster below (compliments of Credible).

I am huge fans of these two bands. They put out 2 of my favorite records of last year.

With that in mind
Here is our spring show schedule.


Tues. 2/9/10 - @ Circle Bar w/ I Octopus (after SAINTS parade Free)
Mon. 2/15/10 - Lundi Gras @ The Maison w/ Groovesect, Bionica, White Colla Crimes & Autotomii (Free)
Sat. 2/20/10 - @ Encore (Austin, TX) w/ We The Granada & Paper Shapes
Fri. 2/26/10 - @ Sadies (Lafayette, LA) w/ We The Granada & Wildfires
Sat. 2/27/10 - @ Banks St. Bar w/ We The Granada, Wildfires & Autotomii (Free)


Sat. 3/13/10 - Foburg Fest
Tues. 3/16/10 - Dragons Den w/ CASPIAN & ARMS AND SLEEPERS ($5)
Thurs. 3/18/10 - SXSW @ Plush (Austin, TX)
Fri. 3/19/10 - SXSW @ The Abstract House (Austin, TX)
Sat. 3/20/10 - SXSW @ 21st Co Op (Austin, TX)
Fri. 3/26/10 - @ Cafe Prytania w/ Female Demand & The Acropolions


Sat. 4/10/10 - @ Dragons Den w/ A Living Soundtrack, Shapes Like Dinosaurs & Rabbit

All the 60 seconds videos from these shows are posted below.

If your looking for some free music i have a few bedroom records I made available for free @ and there are some great free records of old New Orleans bands available at The Memory Farm.

Thanks for checking everything out.