Monday, August 23, 2010

Long Now is out now! Go get it!


After much hard work and deliberation, our second record is now available for your listening pleasure.
You can download it at or buy physical copies at
Listen to the full record before you buy at bandcamp, soundcloud, or myspace.

Here's why you should buy it and why we don't mind if you steal it or share it:
This record is a true summation of our personalities and a testament to our perseverance as a band.
Long Now is the result of nearly 2 years' hard work: countless hours writing and rehearsing, 100+ youtube videos, a week of recording bed tracks, a month (compiled) of overdubs and mixing, and countless miles and hours driving and gigging.
We've put a lot of hard work into this record. We want you to have it, we want you to enjoy it, and we want you to share it.

The making of this record submerged us into the family of the Music Shed recording studio more and more by the minute with every engineer on staff having touched, shaped, and molded some aspect of the record in some way. Most crucial to the project was Billy Moesta who adopted this record as his own and pushed it to the next level every step of the way.

Throughout the process of making this record, we did an extensive amount of traveling and even moved into the same house together - bringing us closer to the new friends that we've met on the road and sometimes to the brink of killing each other in brotherly ways. The result is a cohesive collection, a family of songs that we hope you'll find speaks for itself and gives you a great deal of insight into our lives and minds. Where our previous record How a Reign Comes to an End was the product of four individuals finding their foothold as a band, Long Now is a family of songs molded by a family of people with a unified vision and sound. Hear each of our personalities poke through: the sly slides of Pat's tap-and-go guitar technique, the boisterous and pronounced operatic belting that sings from Justin's guitar, the whimsical yet iron-forged and anchored basslines that Volpi glues together with Jared's dynamic and seemingly melodic drumming style (somebody else wrote that about me, I swear).

Let this recording serve as a welcome to our family and as a reminder that sometimes the most profound things can be communicated without words - pride and joy, love and anger. And if you've befriended us at gigs, in person, and through our online videos along the way,let us remind you through this recording that even the least profound things in life are also communicated without any words - the cracking open of a beer, a belch, a fart, and the laughter that results. Please do yourselves a favor - buy this record (or steal it from someone who did buy it) and let it serve as the soundtrack to both the profound moments and the not-so-profound moments.

Long Now will be up on iTunes, Amazon, and Rhapsody soon so you'll be able to buy it there as well. Keep and eye out for that. If you seriously can't afford to purchase this record or you're on the fence for some reason, send us an email at and let us know. We'll send you a copy of it, artwork included. We really want you to have it, and we really want you to share it.

Jared, Drummer
-- Smiley with a Knife
NOLA Instrumental Indie Rock