Friday, September 17, 2010

Carpool to Tera Melos, Grab our Record, and play Call of Duty

You guys gettin' pumped up? We're opening for Tera Melos soon!
Make the trek! The journey! The voyage! Whatever the f*#k you want to call it!

Here's the deal, holmes:
Are you from Lafayette, LA? Baton Rouge, LA? Anywhere south of the halfway-north point in Mississippi? The North Shore? Meh, f*#k it, are you from Canada and want an excuse to come to New Orleans?
Wherever you're from, find a friend or 4 and come in to NOLA to see Japan's favorite American experimental noise-pop synth-laden prog rock miracle Tera Melos.

We're opening for them at the Big Top at 1638 Clio St.

If you're having trouble finding a ride, email us!
If you have a car and you're thinking to yourself, "shit, man. I'd love to make that drive but I gotta think about gas money and I won't really know anybody there if I drive by myself," then you know what you should do? EMAIL US!

If you send us an email stating where you're from and whether you need a ride or need a passenger, we'll help get you guys set up to trade information.

Need a place to crash?
From New Orleans and got a place for somebody to crash?
Same story - email us!

Here's the legal fine print on this whole deal:
doors at the show open at 7p
show starts at 8p SHARP. Cover is $7.
we're setting this carpool thing up as an exchange of information - we're not to be held liable for irresponsible, negligent, or rash behavior or any incidents that may happen. this is why we ask that if you would like us to set you up with a ride or a passenger to do so as soon as possible so that you can make sure the other people in the car with you aren't "Tom Arnold"-like.

Okay, moving on...

Do you have our new record yet?
Yes?! That's awesome. Tell us how you like it.
No? You don't have our new record yet? Well, let's fix that.
Here's the scoop: it's available on iTunes, Amazon, and BandCamp.
Those are all places where you can pay for it. Paying for it would be awesome, and we'd like you to do that. But ya know what? We know that's not how the world really works these days.

If you email us - - and you tell us, straight up, "look here, you schmucks. i like your band, and i want your new record so i can listening to it in my car and on my ipod and on my iphone and shit but I DON'T WANNA PAY YOU A-HOLES FOR IT!" then guess what... We won't blame you. Asking people to pay for music is like asking people to pay for those last three kittens in the litter that you couldn't get rid of right away. Music and kittens are both easily accessible, not entirely necessary, overly abundant, and free to a good home where appreciated and paid attention to. Just email us, tell us you want the record and tell us where you're from, and we'll hook you up with it - provided you don't mind us emailing you again later when we've got a show in your area.

Of course, you could just copy/steal it from a friend. We know this. We encourage this.
But please please please don't be afraid of asking us for it. We already know that if you want it, you're going to get it somehow. All we ask, then, is that you put in the extra effort to get it straight from us so we can keep track of how many downloads we have, we know where you're all from, and we can get in touch with you if we wind up in your neighborhood. Also, if you get it straight from us, we can make sure that you get everything with the proper titles and artwork and such.

And now on to our final subject matter: Video Games

This isn't really all that super important. But hey, we know you guys, and we know you a-holes like to play video games. Let's get real. You listen to us, you get hyped up on coffee or chilled out on a 40 of OE, you have a roommate or two that you fight over the dishes with, you have a dog, and you play either Halo or Call of Duty.

Am I right? Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm right. Know how I know I'm right?
We saw you the other night outside of Game Stop while we were all waiting in line for Halo:Reach. We heard you talking about how long the line at Toys R Us was and how you had a buddy with a hookup over at Game Stop, anyway, so you drove over 15 minutes before they opened the doors and just cut the line. We know what's up, man. It's cool. You don't have to make any excuses with us. We're all on the same page.

So here's the deal, now: Volpi reads philosophy books, Jared reads drum blogs and practices by himself, and the two of them watch the Daily Show a lot. They're losers.
Pat and Justin, though, they're cool like the rest of you guys.
Hit Pat up on Call of Duty: Throwback504
Here's Justin on Call of Duty: Pennyman504

Shoot us, yell at us. Whatever it takes.

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